Monday, March 6, 2017

Chapter Six- Thektow Tower


Asher woke up with a headache. He could see that he was tied to a stone table with vines. Asher was in a cave. The entrance could be seen along with a short figure. It had green skin and one giant eye. The creature was tending to a fire. Its clothes were soaked with mud and swamp water.
Suddenly the swamp creature turned to Asher. “It’s the Allitican,” Capriter said. “It’s awake. Now I can cook you. I am excited.”
“No!” Asher moaned, struggling to break the vines.
“Yes,” Capriter said back, “you shall taste wonderful.”
“No!” Asher argued again. He saw a carcass in a shadowy corner of the cave. “What is that?”
“It was a delicious peach colored horse I found just before you.” Capriter said. “I ate that up quick. It was nice and juicy, and quite sweet.”
After hearing this, Asher tried to stand up and pulled at the vines as hard as he could. The vines snapped. Asher quickly found his sword, the Anviser, on the floor near the fire. He picked it up and pointed it at Capriter. Asher could not find his armor. Capriter leaped at him shouting, “It’s mine. I am going to eat it.”
Asher hit the miserable creature in the head with the hilt of his sword. Capriter fell backwards into the fire he had made. The creature screamed in pain and ran out of the cave and jumped into a nearby pool. The fire was extinguished off Capriter’s back.
The swamp crawler jumped at Asher again and began scratching him. Asher struggled to get Capriter off his back. Asher took the Anviser and thrust it as hard as he could into the creature on his back. Capriter made no noise. The scratching stopped. The grip on Asher's shoulder was gone. Asher turned around just in time to see Capriters body sink into the swamp.
“Carrotan is avenged,” Asher stated looking mournfully at the carcass and bones in the corner of the cave. He then turned away and left the cave and began to go towards Thektow once again. When he exited the swamp and reached the Cestinine River he cleaned the scratches given to him by Capriter. Asher guessed that those scars would stay there forever.
When Asher left the river he continued on in a southeastern direction. He didn’t dare cross the Cestinine River into the south. In the south of the Cestinine river was Malicina, also known as The Malice Lands. Asher would soon reach Thektow Tower.
Elderain was looking out of Thektow Tower’s 75th story, and saw an approaching figure moving very quickly. It looked like it was going as fast as a horse. Elderain suddenly remembered what he was told about Galendars. Elderain briskly went down the staircase and left the castle. He could see a Galendar with black hair holding an ax. The ax seemed to slightly glow red.
“Hello,” Elderain said. “Who are you?”
“I am Flitican,” the Galendar answered. “I won a sword fighting competition and have come to Thektow to receive a reward.” Flitican said reward in a very sarcastic way, because he knew his reward was to go save the Princess of Bacnaltica from some danger.
Another figure was seen approaching the castle. It was a human coming from a northwestern direction. This man had black hair. He also had interesting clothes that were purple and scarlet.
“Hi,” Cornelious said. ‘I was sent here to see King Condronson.”
“We were sent to see him too,” Elderain said. “There are two others besides us that are going to show up soon.”
The three of them stood in the shadow of Thektow Tower and talked about the competitions. Flitican shared the story of how he got his ax, and he also learned from Cornelious what the ghostly creatures were. Elderain shuddered at the descriptions of the Grimapolians. He now knew Gabonland was not as safe as he had originally thought.
When Cornelious, Flitican, and Elderain were talking another figure appeared on the horizon. As the figure got closer they could see who it was. The figure was an Eltician who had a glowing sword and glowed himself.
“Where is King Condronson of Bacnaltica?” Sarnam asked. “I have come to receive a reward for winning a balance competition.”
“The king is in the castle.” Flitican explained. “We will see him at the council when the final winner of the competitions gets here. He is an Allitican.”
Elderain stretched out his hand to shake Sarnam’s. Elderain did not know that trying to touch an Eltician was dangerous and insulting.
“Do not touch me!” Sarnam shouted, “Unless you want to die from electrocution!”
Elderain shrank back in alarm. As this was happening a fourth figure could be seen ahead. It was a man. It was obviously the Allitican competition winner. When he came close they could see he had scars all over him. His clothes were torn and stained.
“I am Asher. Who are you?”
The Five Hero’s had arrived at Thektow. Soon the council would start, and they would learn what would happen to them next.
            To Be Continued…


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