Monday, February 20, 2017

Gabonese Folk and their history

ALLITICAN- When humans first came into Gabonland in year 1, they founded the country Allitica. Their banner shows a red swirl. Their land is hilly and Allitica is known for its many apple orchards. Alliticans are the first humans that entered Gabonland and began written records.

BACNALTICAN- In year 52, when there was an argument in Allitica, a war started resulting in the losers being thrown out of the country. Those forced out of Allitica went east to Bacnaltica and built Thektow Tower. Bacnaltica's landscape is hilly, and most of their food comes from Canlomba. Their banner shows Thektow Tower, the seven mile high world wonder that Bacnalticans are famous for.

GALENDAR- In year 112 Alitican explorers went north, beyond their Cestinine River and met the Galendars of Galendurous. The Galendars were peacful and could move extremely fast. Their walking speed was around 20 miles per hour. They had green skin and pointy ears. Their average lifespan was about 60 years. They were living in the cooler north because Galendars had trouble breathing in high temperatures. Because of their fast movement speed, the Galendars were seen as a threat to the Alliticans. The Alliticans started a war in year 117. The war ended with an agreement of peace. Allitica and Galendurous became trading partners. Galendurous was famous for its rootbeer floats.

MALICIAN- A Bacnatican traitor named Fashar founded Malicina in year 145. Their he housed his visicite army and the scepter of the Visicite King. After he was beaten by the Bacnalticans, Malicina became inhabited by humans.

ELTICIAN- The Elticians lived in Gabonland before the Alliticans arrived. They are people with turquoise electric skin. They do not have hair, and have tentacles on their head. Their average  lifespan is about 150 years. Because their skin is electric, touching an Eltician is extremely dangerous and insulting. Their banner shows a cube of the metal entil. Instead of dirt and grass, Eltica is has a smooth surface of entil. Most of their resources come trading the valuable metal entil. Because of their entil, the first humans the Elticians met in year 234, waged war on them for it.

CANLOMBAN- After the war between Galendurous and Allitica ended, the Galendars gave an Allitican lord a peice of land. There Canlomba was founded. Canlomba was the smallest country in Gabonland, but had the lushest soil.

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