Friday, November 10, 2017

Sneak Peak for the remake!


          Flitican ran quickly down the abandoned street of Dortain in a panic. It was raining hard at the climax of the stormy season. No one was outside today. He could barely see through the sheets of falling water as he trudged forward, feeling certain that they would catch him. He turned into an alleyway, and leaned against one of the clay buildings and shivered. He was freezing, and as a galendar it was considered wise to stay indoors during this time of year. He wondered how his pursuers were faring in the cold rain.
            The Galendars of Galendurous were a fast, sharp, race who lived in northern Gabonland. They were so fast that their walking speed was 20 miles per hour. They had green skin, and pointy ears. A thing that Flitican was remembering now was the fact that they were very vulnerable to cold. Flitican sat down against the wall in a dark and dry corner where two buildings met. It was protected partially by the building in front of him. He was freezing. He began to feel tired.
            Flitican felt alarmed but his body made no reaction.
            “FIND HIM!” Yelled a voice. The one that the voice belonged to came from the alleyway towards Flitican.
It was another galendar. This galendar was enormous and he had a drawn sword. He was looking for Flitican. Flitican sat in the darkness still paralyzed with cold. He knew that if he was found he would be killed. Flitican recognized him when he saw the hair that had been died red. This galendar menace was Waltizar. He was the leader of the W.H.A.R.F gang. This monster of a galendar had a personal vendetta against Flitican that went back a century to the war between Allitica and Galendurous.
Flitican’s ancestors had chosen to betray the Galendars of Galendurous and fight with Allitica. Now the W.H.A.R.F decided to put the betrayer’s descendants to justice.
“Where are you, Flitican?” Waltizar whispered menacingly. “Where are you? Come out so justice can be done.”
Flitican had never felt so cold. He wished the rain would stop. The cold was so strong that Flitican was worried he would freeze to death.
“Come out. Come out, traitor. We have already torched your home. Your family is dead. There is nothing to go back to.”
The words hit him like a hammer to his stomach. Dead? Flitican sat paralyzed. They weren’t dead. They couldn’t be dead. He just visited them that morning. He had breakfast with his parents and his new baby sister. Flitican held perfectly still in the dark corner. He didn’t even breathe. He didn’t know what to do. He groped around on the ground hoping to find something in the cold water.
“WHEREAREYOU!” Waltizar shouted sharply.
Flitican found a piece of glass that was a few inches long. Relieved he pulled it out of the water hoping that the sound of the rain would muffle the sound of his movement. He wanted to stab this liar. Flitican kept himself from letting out his fury. His family was still alive, he could feel it. They had to be. His sister had been born just a month ago. She couldn’t have died so young.
Waltizar made no response. With a growl, the galendar put back his sword and walked out of the alleyway and into the street. Flitican sighed in relief. He stood up and shivered. He felt very tired and shaky. One thing was for certain. He needed to leave Galendurous. He didn’t know what he would do. He would have nothing. His home was gone. The freezing rain numbed him.
He then pulled a smooth entil stone out of his pocket. The light blue of it seemed very bright in the darkness of the night and rain. He remembered the inscription his parents had once carved for him.
Hope for the best,
            Prepare for the worst,
                        And have faith that everything will be okay.
            Faith seemed like a foreign word to him now. What did he have to have faith in. Right now, he was only focused on survival. He forced his numb legs to move and he trudged through the rain down to the street. He would find his parents. They would be locked in their house safely. He was sure of it.
            It was as Flitican rounded the corner that Waltizar grabbed him by the throat. The gang’s leader had been waiting for him to come out.
            “There you are,” Waltizar laughed pulling out his sword. “It’s time to meet your maker, traitor.”
            Flitican stabbed Waltizar’s arm with the piece of glass. The galendar cried out and loosened his grip on Flitican’s neck. Flitican freed himself and fell to the ground. On his knees, he slashed at Waltizar’s legs. Flitican was then kicked in the face. The piece of glass flew out of his hand along with the entil stone given to him by his parents. It was the last thing he had from them. He crawled after it only to have a hand grasp at his heel and pull him back. Flitican struggled and kicked. His foot met Waltizar’s face. He crawled and grabbed the stone. He felt very relieved. He then looked back at his foe. Waltizar with a sword in hand jumped at him. Flitican rolled out of the way closer to the piece of glass. He grabbed ahold of it and stood up. Waltizar had gotten up to and charged at Flitican. He moved out of the way and tripped Waltizar. The sword fell out of his hand and Flitican picked it up and held it to Waltizar’s throat.
There was a silence. The rain grew harder. Despite the cold Flitican still felt on fire inside. Moments passed.
“Come on traitor,” Waltizar said. “Don’t you have any backbone. Finish the Job. Kill me like your ancestors killed hundreds of galendar’s.”
Flitican wanted to. This was the one who was hunting his family. But Flitican looked into Waltizar’s eyes and saw something he couldn’t quite understand. Something that was probably in his own eyes. Pain.
“I am not going to become you, Waltizar,” Flitican said. “Now I am going to find my family.
He then ran down the street away from W.H.A.R.F’s leader.
Flitican payed no attention and walked down the street towards his home. His family was going to still be there. They had to be.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


1-Written Records begin. Humans appear in Allitica.
52-56 - Allitican Civil War. Allitican’s have a disagreement over land. A schism starts. Half of the humans go east across the Cestinine River.
57-Construction on Thektow Tower has begun.
111- Thektow Tower is completed, and Bacnaltica is founded. King Condronson I takes his seat in the throne room on the 300th floor.
112- Allitican humans go north and meet the Galendars of Galendurous.
117- A Bacnaltican called Fashar is born. War breaks out between Allitica and Galendurous. Bacnaltican expeditions go further east into Thuecadem.
145- Fashar, longing for power, leaves his family and goes into what is now Malicina. He forges the Scepter of the Visicite King. Caldortain is born.
169- Caldortain goes to Thuecadem with an expedition, and begins to pursue learning. He is attacked by dragonlizards, and is the only survivor. Bach Banderad is born.
177-181 - War of the Scepter of the Visicite King. Fashar sends Visicites to Bacnaltica. Bacnaltica rallies forces and attacks Malicina and kills Fashar. The remaining Visicites escape to Thuecadem with the Scepter of the Visicite King. During this time Caldortain founded a settlement of people who want to pursue knowledge in southern Thuecadem
190- Battle of The Visicite Chieftain. Valenciteila takes Visicites to Bacnaltica and attacks. War breaks out. Bach Banderad goes and kills Valenciteila with The Anviser. Construction on Castle Cania begins. A Galendar called Frew creates the famous root beer brew.
230- Castle Cania is finished. The King of Bacnaltica sends criminals into the southern mountains. They escape and form a kingdom. King Thevian I appears.
231- Alliticans take up residence in Malicina. King Korkock I builds a castle.
234- Malician explorers go east and meet the Elticians. Wanting the valuable metal entil, they fight the Elticians. Lord Vallan, and the Three Tarkans appear in Malicina around this time. King Condronson III is born.
251- Sarnam is born. Grimapolians are discovered by Galendars in the Mountains of Jallend.
252-254 - The War of Jallend occurs. Grimapolians who have been disturbed come out of the mountains and kill Galendars. Galendurous wins. The Grimapolians retreat into the mountains. Their exsistence is forgotten.
255-Asher is born.
261- Cornelious and Flitican are born. Sarnam’s parents are killed in the fighting against the Malicians. Sarnam joins the army.
276- Elderain and Terenious are born. King Condronson III has a daughter called Liliah, and a daughter called Joy. The fighting between Galendurous and Allitica ends.
282- Asher has a son called Centrain. The Bacnaltican princess, Joy is kidnapped.    
289- Terenious is captured by King Thevian.
293- The Legend of Gabonland begins.

Fashar was running to the medicinal chambers. King Condronson, the first of his line, sent him to get medicine because his wife was dying. He had to make it there. Fashar was out of breath and knew at once that he wasn’t going to make it in time. He was the fastest man working for King Condronson, but he knew that wasn’t enough. Queen Liliah was going to die. Fashar turned around a corner. He was going to take a shortcut through an alleyway to reach the medicinal chambers.
          “Queen Liliah is going to die.”
          Fashar stopped surprised by the voice he heard. The oddest man stood before Fashar. The strange man was dressed all in black. He was leaning against the wall of a building, with a grin on his face. It was a sinister grin.
The oddest thing about this man was his head. His skin was coal black. He had no hair; in its place was a series of spikes or thorns. They covered his entire head and under his chin and behind his ears.
From the front, he reminded Fashar of a sunflower. A black sunflower.
“What makes you so sure of that?” Fashar asked. He didn’t ask the man who he was, or what he was.
“You stopped running to talk to me.”
Fashar knew the strange man with the thorns had made a good point. He had stopped. Queen Liliah was going to die, and King Condronson would be devastated. Fashar didn’t think about that now.
“Who are you?”
“I am the king.”
“A king of where?”
“All of the world.”
Fashar was very interested now. How was this man king over all the world? Wasn’t King Condronson, king of Bacnaltica? Fashar showed his confusion.
“If you want me to elaborate,” the strange looking king said, “I will tell you that I am an immortal being who has an enormous amount of power. I deserve kingship, and infact I am at war.”
“At war with who?”
“Someone who thinks they deserve my throne.”
“Who is that?”
“He goes by the name of Yeshua.”
Fashar was confused. He had never heard of this king before. Then he realized the truth. “Do you come from the other side of the Border Mountains?”
Fashar was amazed. This strange sunflower-like man knew what was on the outside of the world. If Fashar could tell people what was outside Gabonland, he would be famous. He could charge people for information on the outside. He would be rich. He just had to get this king to tell him.
“I will tell you the information you are seeking on one condition.”
Fashar was very surprised. Could this man who claimed to be a god read his thoughts? “What is that condition?”
“You will give me Gabonland.”
“What?” Fashar knew what this thorn-man had said, but couldn’t believe it.
“Believe it,” the man said. “I want you to give me Gabonland, and then I will tell you what is outside the Border Mountains.”
“If you are already king of the world, then why do you need me to give you Gabonland?” Fashar was proud at himself for making a good point.
“It is not the land I want,” the man said. “It is the people. The only way Yeshua cannot get them is if they bear my mark.”
“Your mark?”
“The gray mark.”
Fashar was curious how people would get this mark. He wanted the gray mark. He wished more than anything to know about the world outside of Gabonland.
“I want to be the first to accept this mark that will protect me from Yeshua. But first tell me your name.”
“I am the Black Thorn, lord of the world.” The Black Thorn then did something that startled Fashar. He plucked a thorn off his head and grabbed onto Fashar. Nobody in the alleyway heard his screams as the Black Thorn drew the spike across his face.
The Black Thorn let go of him so suddenly that Fashar fell backwards. Fashar clutched his burning face. When he took his hand off his face, he saw it was soaked with blood. The blood was not red but silver.
“You now have my mark.”
Fashar was relieved. The pain was gone. He was extremely worried that The Black Thorn was going to kill him. “Now, tell me about outside of Gabonland.”
“Not yet,” The Black Thorn said. “First you must get me Gabonland’s people. Then we will talk.”
“How will I do that?”
“In Malicina, buried in the very southwestern corner, is a valuable iron ore. Buried in the northeastern corner of Gabonland is a ruby. Use the materials to make a scepter that is 4 foot 7 inches tall. Build a machine that will hold the scepter. You will use this to take over Gabonland. It will make you an army of terrible monsters. Once Gabonland is in my hands, Yeshua will be the slave to my glorious power.”
“Queen Liliah is dead!”
Fashar turned to see a soldier running up the alleyway. It was one of King Condronson’s bodyguards. He had forgotten about Queen Liliah. He turned and saw that The Black Thorn was gone. He touched his face and felt that the gray mark was still there.

Bach Banderad felt sick when he saw the enemy lines approach. Thousands upon thousands of the purple skinned monsters were running towards him with weapons drawn. Bach Banderad held a sword with a red hilt toward the lines. He was with the Allitican army helping Bacnaltica. If this battle was lost, all Gabonland would be inhabited by Visicites.
          A two-headed beast lept on Bach. Bach killed it with his sword. Even though it was a monster, Bach regretted killing it. A terrible guilt came over him. It may have just been a pawn, Bach thought, controlled by its master. He felt angry.
It was Valenciteila, the greatest of all Visicite Chieftains. The Visicite was sending members of his own race to their doom. Bach Banderad decided to rid Gabonland of the heartless monster.
          He marched up the hill that Valenciteila was on. He made sure to only disarm the Visicites who got in his way. Innocent monsters, even though they are monsters, do not deserve to die.
          “Foolish, Allitican,” Valenciteila said as Bach Banderad approached.
Bach’s silver and red armor looked incredibly bright in the light of the setting sun.
“I am the leader of the Visicite race, and I bear the Scepter of the Visicite King.”
Bach could see the decorated rod of iron in the purple monster’s hand. He could also see the longsword in the other hand.
          Valenciteila swung the sword at the angry Allitican. Bach got out of the way but his ear was grazed. He blocked another blow from the Visicite. The monster hit the ground with the powerful scepter. The shock wave that came from it knocked Bach down. Bach slashed wildly at the armored legs in front of him. It did no damage. The Allitican rolled away when Valenciteila tried to kick him with his sharp metal boots. Bach got up and quickly slashed the monster’s head off. The Scepter of the Visicite King fell out of the monster’s hand.
          Bach Banderad picked it up. He looked at his bloodstained sword and the iron scepter. He wiped the sword on the ground.
          “Valenciteila’s bane,” he said aloud, as the Bacnaltican general approached him. The battle was over. They had won.
          “Anviser,” the general said.
Bach looked at him curiously.
“It means Valenciteila’s bane. That sword is famous now; you must give it a name.”
          “Anviser sounds perfect,” Bach Banderad said holding his famous sword. He then handed the Scepter of the Visicite King to the general of the Bacnalticans. “You should give it to the king of Bacnaltica. He will make sure it is never used for evil purposes.”
          “I shall,” the General said. “This scepter will never be used to spawn Visicites again.” They walked down the hill to the sound of cheering.

Thuecadem was flat. It was flat as far as the eye could see. As far as the eye could see was far though. Lord Vallan was walking north torwards a cave. The Black Thorn had told him there was a cave somewhere around northeastern Thuecadem. He held Tricrantry on his leash. Lord Vallan remembered when he had first taken the creature’s egg from the cave on the magical island.
He struggled on. It was hot, and Tricrantry was whimpering, and pulling away like it knew that its master was going to leave it behind. Lord Vallan wanted to take off the chain that bound Tricrantry.
It had been 6 months since the egg had hatched. He had grown very close to the creature. Monster. Lord Vallan remembered that it would be Tricrantry’s fate. That was the fate The Black Thorn had foretold. Tricrantry would grow far bigger than himself. He would be a monster. The Thuecadem Monster.
Tricrantry was still whimpering. Lord Vallan gave it a kick. Black Heart. Lord Black Heart certainly was a name that applied to him. He was kicking his last friend. The Black Thorn would demote him if he continued showing weakness. He gave it another kick. Tricrantry stopped whimpering.
The cave was in sight. Lord Black Heart was now pulling Tricranty along the Titiam River. The cave in sight was large and menacing. Tricrantry didn’t belong there.
In the dark.
Tricranty was afraid of the dark.
Lord Vallan was angry. He couldn’t seem to throw aside the fact that he cared about Tricrantry. He began kicking the monster repeatedly. It didn’t help. His heart was black but it still felt pain. He was weak.
He reached the mouth of the cave.
Trictrantry was looking at him, whimpering. Lord Vallan hated himself so much.
Black Heart.
He picked up Tricrantry by the scruff of the orange head and tossed it into the cave. Into the dark. Tricrantry was afraid of the dark.
Black Heart.
Lord Vallan stormed away. He had completed The Black Thorn’s orders. Now, Tricrantry, the monster, would live in Thuecadem and bring terror into the Gabonese Folk. It would also be a challenge for the ones who would stand against Lord Vallan and The Black Thorn.

Caldortain was excited. He was very happy to be the one chosen. He and several others of the smartest explorers in Bacnaltica were heading into Thuecadem. They had gotten through the Thevian Mountains without being attacked by thieves and were now heading to the heart of Thuecadem. He was traveling by stagecoach. The road was bumpy in the mountains, but suddenly it was smooth. Caldortain looked out a window.
          The sight took his breath away. There was nothing but green grass. The land was flat. So flat that Caldortain could see the Titiam River. Miles upon miles away. The sun was bigger and directly above them. He thought it was beautiful. Caldortain jumped out of the stagecoach and bent over to examine the grass. He was very skilled in botany. He examined, smelled, tasted, and spat. It was lush, Canlomban wildgrass. It was so lush that Caldortain wondered if there was a body of water nearby irrigating it.
          There was no body of water. Just Canlomban wildgrass as far as the eye could see.
          “Look at this!” Caldortain shouted. Several of the Bacnaltican explorers, nearly twice his age, ran torwards him. Caldortain tore out three blades of grass, and put them in a container. The Bacnaltican, they bought it from in Corpolongo, said it would keep things fresh for days.
          Suddenly everything stopped. All the wonder, and explorative interests stopped. Caldortain heard screaming. Caldortain turned and saw the first new living thing that was in Thuecadem. A red creature with bat like wings, and a forked tongue, and a long tale was bitting the calf of an explorer called Faldera. The dragonlike lizards were swarming everywhere. Faldera fell to the ground from the pain. The dragonlizards swarmed and Faldera was gone. Bones and all. They had eaten him.
Caldortain began to run. He ran as fast as he could, certain that he would feel teeth close around his ankle. The stagecoach was covered by dragonlizards. They were eating the wood, and the horses. He couldn’t hear any more screams. The monstorous lizards had devoured the entire expedition. People and all. Caldortain was the only one left.
          He stood stalk still with fear. The dragonlizards were coming his way. They were going to finish off the expedition. He was so frightened he couldn’t move. All at once, Caldortain realized something. The dragonlizards were blind. Before he had much time to think about how they noticed the expedition, all the creatures were gone. They hadn’t noticed him.
An hour passed.
Then another one.
Caldortain still was frozen from fear. He was alone in the heart of Thuecadem. He looked north. He could see the Titiam River. He looked south. There, far, far, far away he could see the ruins of a castle. It was strange he hadn’t noticed it before.
          He couldn’t think of anything else to do. He walked. Caldortain was full of grief at the loss of his friends. He had grown very close to them on the expedition. He cried the whole way to the ruins.
          It was a full day of walking before he reached the ruins. The stones making the battlements were cracked. Moss clung to the walls. Caldortain looked closely at one of the bricks.
          “Eltician masonry, how extraordinary,” Caldortain said aloud. He was full of grief once more. There must have been an Eltician expedition like his. It must have been attacked by dragonlizards too.
          “Hey, you! Get out of here!”
          Caldortain jumped. He turned quickly to see a boy, his own age. He wore torn and stained clothes, and was holding a bowl and was waving a spoon in a rage.
          “Get out of here, stranger!”
          “Who are you?”
          “I am the king of this castle!”
          “Really?” Caldortain smiled. This was one of those children that used their imaginations to have fantasies. That wasn’t a very sensible thing to do in a place like this.
          “Well, there is no king already! And I am the only one here, so that makes me king!”
          “Why am I not king?”
          “You just got here! I have been living here for years and years! Go away!”
          “Why can’t I live here too. It would be very sensible.”
          “This place is mine! Go away!”
          Caldortain sat down on the stoney ground.
          “Go away!” the boy shouted again.
          Caldortain did not move.
          “Get out of here!”
          “I am staying here.”
          The boy stomped his foot in a rage. The bowl tipped over, and the contents spilled on the ground. It was full of soup.
          “Now look what you’ve done!” The boy looked mournfully at his soup. “This was the last of today’s rations!”
          Caldortain was very hungry. He wanted some soup. Then he got an idea. “What if I pay fair compensation for living and eating here?”
          “What could you pay me? I am already the King of Thuecadem!”
The boy was making Caldortain very mad. This boy living all by himself wasn’t sensible at all. “I could give you an education. You could get me some soup. Doesn’t that sound sensible?”
          The boy thought for a moment. “That doesn’t sound too bad.”
          “It’s not bad at all,” said Caldortain. “It is sensible.” There was a silence. Caldortain was glad that this boy was considering his offer.
“I accept,” the boy said. “You can stay here and teach me, and I’ll teach you to survive in Thuecadem. You’re right. It is sensible.”
The boy told Caldortain to follow him. They both traveled through several corridors. He led him up a flight of cracked stone steps to a kitchen. There was a roaring fireplace and a bunch of the Canlomban wildgrass sitting on the counter. A well could be seen in the corner by the fireplace, along with a great big pot full of steaming contents.
“I can teach you to make soup out of the Canlomban wildgrass.” The boy jumped to a pot with a new bowl and filled it. He grabbed a steel spoon and handed it to Caldortain.
Caldortain was glad of the soup. “Thank-you,” Caldortain said. “Now tell me what is your name?”
“I’m Gavil,” the boy said. “I have been living in Thuecadem for 4 years.”
“Then it is sensible to assume that you know how to defend against the dragonlizards?”
“It is sensible. You are correct,” Gavil said. “They only can sense motion. All you have to do is hold still and they won’t take any notice of you.”
Caldortain now realized why the dragonlizards didn’t find him. He held still. The ruins around him didn’t provide much shelter, but at least it provided some. Caldortain thought it could be better.
“You know,” Caldortain said, “I could help fix this place so it isn’t a ruin anymore. Doing so would be sensible.”
“You’re right,” Gavil said, “that would be sensible. I like the word sensible.”
“Me too.”
“We can both be kings of Thuecadem. We can be the Sensibles.”
“Yeah.” Caldortain wasn’t sure how they were going to get the people for this kingdom. It was a nice thought though. Both himself and Gavil could fix the castle up using his knowledge he learned in Bacnaltica with the masons. They could both live off the Canlomban Wildgrass. They could-
“Can we start?” Gavil looked at Caldortain expectantly. “Education?”
“Yes of course,” Caldortain said. “I will make a curriculum immediately. It would be sensible to make a plan for teaching you.”
“Yeah,” Gavil agreed, “sensible.”

Allitica-  Al- lit- icka
Allitican- Al- lit- ee- kun
Bacnaltica- Back- nal- tic-uh
Banderad- Band- er- add
Caldortain- Cal- door- tun
Cania- Cane- ee- uh
Canlomba- Can- lome- bah
Canlomban- Can- lome- bin
Capriter- Kap- rit- ure
Cestinine- Ses- tin- nine
Condronson- Con- dron- son
Cornelious- Cor- kneel- ee- us
Cortenin- Kor- ten- nun
Dancitine- Dance- it- teen
Elderain- Elder- ain
Eltica-  El- tic- uh
Eltician- el- tish- shun
Enami- En- am- mee
Flitican- Fli- tic- an
Galendar- gal- en- dar
Galendurous- Gal- endure- us
Harland- Har- lund
Jallend- Jall- end
Korkock- Core- kock
Malicina- Mali- scene-uh
Malician- mal- ish- shi- un
Mareel- Mare- eel
Positmous- Pause- zit- mas
Pargon- parr-gone
Sarnam- Sar- num
Tarkan- Tac- an
Terenious- Ter- an- ee- us
Thektow- Theck- tow
Titiam- Tia- tee- um
Thevia- Thee- vee- uh
Thevian- Thee- vee- ann
Thuecadem- Thoo- eck- a- dum
Valenciteila- Val- lun- sit- eel- ee- uh
Valider- Val- uh- deer
Velcian Vallan- Vel- she- an Vall- un
Visicion- Vis- i- shun
Waltizar- Walt- i- zar
Youger- You- grr

Special Thanks to Titus Johnson, my Dad for these poems:
Existence and Sunshine