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Chapter Sixteen- Another Chasm


The battle went on. More and more Visicites were pouring into the fort. Cornelious felt a sense of despair as he went through the chaotic crowd. Monsters were everywhere. The Elticians that he always liked were lying dead in the courtyard. He remembered all of the books he had read. All of the battle stories he heard came back to him. Cornelious remembered they had happy endings. The story he was in now would not. He gave up hope of survival and accepted that he, the other heroes, and all the Elticians would die before the sun rose.
While having these despairing thoughts he ran into a figure that he did not expect to see. The monsterous Visicite was somebody he had seen in Lord Vallan’s armies back in Malicina. Cornelious had run into Visicion. The Visicite recognized him from the time Cornelious was in Malicina and laughed.
            “One of the rebels,” Visicion said pointing his sword at Cornelious.
Cornelious felt very small when the general of the Visicites stared at him. He felt very cold. The despair grew stronger. My time has come, Cornelious thought. This is the end of Gabonland. The sun came up. At that moment the despair left him. They were still alive unlike he believed. Hope was restored and Cornelious held Tewarben up so the two headed monster could see it.  
The general slashed at Cornelious hoping to cut off his head. Cornelious retreated into the crowd making himself scarce. He knew that this foe was beyond his experience. To his annoyance, the crowd of Elticians dispersed, so Visicion could see him.
“Coward!” the Visicite shouted. “Come and face me. I have no idea why King Condronson picked you, you little runt.”
Cornelious did not listen to him. He knew that this enemy was not in his league. Cornelious unluckily tripped over a stone in the ground of the fort. The General of the Visicites was standing over him. Cornelious gave himself up for lost.
            Just then the most unexpected thing happened. “Drop your sword, Villain!” Elderain commanded. He apparently had come down from the battlements. Visicion turned to see Elderain with an arrow on the string. The Visicite, with a not so nice grin on his face, dropped his sword and looked at Elderain.
            “You think you have saved this rebel’s life.” Visicion said. “But you have only postponed his death. Lord Vallan’s armies are too great to be defeated by your own.”
            “I wouldn’t say that,” Elderain laughed. The next thing the Bacnaltican said was music to Cornelious’ ears. “The Bacnaltican army has arrived and now you are surrounded, and our forces are greater than yours.”
Visicion smile disappeared. Then with a growl he walked away.
            “Thank you, Elderain,” Cornelious said. “You have saved my life again.”
Elderain then helped Cornelious get off the ground. When they looked around Cornelious and Elderain saw that the Visicites seemed to have disappeared.
The Elticians of the Entil Lands had prevailed.

The door came down with a crash. Sarnam stared in terror in the dark ahead. He knew Visicites were all about him. He felt helpless and very humbled.
            “Look! Somebody’s here!” A voice said.
            “Look at this,” another said. The two headed monster waved his hand in front of Sarnam’s face. “This chap is blind in both eyes!”
            “You should kill him quickly,” a third Visicite said. “Visicion is calling a retreat. Those Bacnaltican pigs have shown up to aid the silly electric people. I believe it could have been the works of that Eltician escapee.”
            Then the first voice said, “It’s him, the Eltician escapee.” There was a rumble, a few clangs, and a lot of thuds.
            Sarnam was wondering what had happened. “Hello?” he asked. “Is anybody there?”
            “I am here, Sarnam,” a voice that was not monstrous like the Visicites said.
            “Who is it?” Sarnam asked. “Are you the Eltician escapee?”
            “Yes,” the voice said. “I did escape being killed by Visicites. But you know me as someone else.”
            Sarnam realized who it was in surprise. “Dorldan!” he exclaimed happily.
            “Dorldan,” Sarnam said. “I was told you were dead.”
            “No, I am not,” Dorldan said. “I escaped before I was decapitated by Visicion, the General of the Visicites. I ran to Bacnaltica and got help. Everything is going to be all right now.”
            “If you hadn’t got help,” Sarnam said gratefully, “The Visicites would have left no survivors.”
            “Let us go,” Dorldan said. “There is going to be a celebration soon. We won the battle.”
            “No, thanks,” Sarnam replied gloomily. “I will stay inside.” Sarnam sat in the room by himself. He thought a blind Eltician would be a nuisance at a celebration.
            The party had started. Elticians and Bacnalticans were cheering. Firecrackers and rockets were set off. Food was served and root beer floats were made. The mourning for their lost friends would start later. In the meantime they would be happy. The party lasted for hours. Stories were told and Elticians were singing. When it was late at night and all the root beer was gone Sarnam came out of his room.
            “There you are, Sarnam,” Flitican said. “I was wondering where you were. You missed out on the root beer. It was almost as good as it was at home in Galendurous.”
            “I was inside the fort,” Sarnam said sadly. The other heroes knew something was bothering him.
            “What is wrong?” Terenious asked. “Why are you so sad? Your country has been saved from Lord Vallan.”
            “Nothing,” Sarnam said unconvincingly.
There was a silence. The Six Heroes stood together in the courtyard of The Eltician Fort. They all felt bad for Sarnam; they had guessed why Sarnam was so glum.
Asher decided to say what he thought the heroes would do next. “We are going to have to leave tomorrow for Malicina and hope the gate is still open,” Asher said. “There isn’t much chance that another army is waiting for us.”
They all felt sad to leave so soon. The party was still going on when they left. Sarnam was even sadder when he was left behind for the second time.
Cornelious, Flitican, Asher, Elderain, and Terenious were wished luck as they went. The heroes were no longer blamed for bringing the army to them.
They had crossed the Valley of War for the third time. The magic of the valley did not have much effect on them now that they knew about it. No thieves caught them as they walked through The Thevian Mountains. Cornelious thought he saw a shadowy figure, but it turned out to be an oddly shaped rock. When they came out on the other side they saw that the yellow gate was still open. With joy they charged towards the gate. The Five Heroes had become better runners after running as fast as they could for two days. As they reached a large ring where The Yellow Tarkans tower had been they stopped.
            Lord Vallan could be seen behind the yellow gate. He was all in black as usual and carried the Scepter of the Visicite king. “I know why you are here,” he stated. He was far away but the heroes could hear him like he was beside them. “You are here to take the scepter and save the princess.” Lord Vallan laughed. “I said to King Condronson that I would kill his daughter if he showed any resistance to my plan.”
The heroes gasped. If Lord Vallan killed the Princess of Bacnaltica all of their adventures would be pointless.
“But,” Lord Vallan said to the relief of the heroes, “I am having fun with this little game. You will not succeed with your errand. I would like to see you try.” He then struck the ground with the scepter.
            The gate began to shake violently and the ground beneath it was cracking. All in a moment, as if the ground was hollow, another chasm was in place of the gate. It was a chasm that could never be crossed. Lord Vallan cackled loudly. With dismay, the heroes of Gabonland turned and faced the east. Lord Vallan had blocked their path. They now wondered what they would do for plan B…
            To Be Continued…


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Chapter Fifteen- Lord Vallans Armies


                “Now that the guard is dead,” Elderain said urgently, he still felt he was being watched, “Where is the guarded switch?” The others knew he was talking about the switch to open the Yellow Gate.
            “This must be it,” Terenious said. She pointed to a switch in the wall made of steel. It had a rubber handle that was yellow and looked rather dirty. Over the top of the switch, in writing that looked like it had been carved with a knife, there was the word closed. Below it there was the word open.
            “I think Flitican should have the honor,” Asher said. “I may have been the one who killed the Yellow Tarkan but Flitican is the one who found his vulnerability.”
Flitican quickly, feeling urgency like Elderain, ran to the switch and pulled it down. There was a rumble and the tower began to shake. They left the Switch Room and looked out of a window from the top of the Yellow Tarkan’s tower. The Yellow Gate began to split in the middle and open outward. When the two pieces of the yellow metal opened completely the heroes saw that on the other side was something horrible.
An enormous castle was beyond. Its stones were black as coal and its battlements were extremely high off the ground. The banner showed the picture of a black lightning bolt. The castle was not the horrible thing beyond the gate. An enormous crowd of terrible monsters was behind the yellow gate. The monsters were purple and wore black metal armor. They wore red helmets with little horns coming out of them and each one had two heads. Not two heads side by side. It was like another head was on top of the bottom head. On the lower head were only a nose and a mouth, and on the upper head was an enormous eye. Those enormous eyes were the size of soccer balls. These monsters were the feared Visicites. Their leader had been defeated by Bach Banderad.

            There was a cloaked figure leading them. His face could not be seen under the hood. He carried a scepter. Seeing that the gate had opened without his command, Lord Vallan struck the ground with The Scepter of the Visicite King. The tower of The Yellow Tarkan began to shake even more violently than before.
            “Lord Vallan is using the scepter to bring down the tower,” Flitican said over the rumbling noise. “We have to get out of here.” Part of the roof then fell in behind them blocking the door to The Switch Room.
            “Run!” Asher yelled, stating the obvious. The heroes of Gabonland ran. The shaking of the tower made them feel like they would be thrown down the winding stair. Black bricks were falling everywhere. One hit Terenious in the head, sending her falling to the ground.
Elderain lifted her up with trouble because he was only a little bigger than her and continued to walk down the stairs. A large stone broke out of the wall and began to roll down towards them. Elderain struggled on hoping to save both his and Terenious’ life.
The heroes ran around a bend in the tower staircase. The large stone broke through the wall and fell out of the tower and landed far below. Cornelious, Flitican, Asher, and Elderain carrying Terenious, reached the small door they emtered by. They ran through it panting. They ran away from the tower without looking back towards the Thevian Mountains. The cold wind hit them and made them numb. When they had reached the mountains, they stopped and looked back in time to see the Tarkan’s tower fall sideways into the chasm.
            “What?” Terenious asked dazed. “What happened?” She became completely conscious. “Elderain, why are you carrying me?”
Elderain quickly set her down on her feet. She touched her head and felt that it was sticky with blood. Touching the spot stung. Terenious saw that the others took out their weapons. She saw that Lord Vallan was only meters away.  He looked at the Visicites and without saying anything pointed The Scepter of the Visicite King at the heroes. The Visicites began to advance snarling, growling, and shouting.
            “You are trespassing,” Lord Vallan stated. “And now you are finished. The storm is coming and you shall be washed away.” The evil lord turned and walked away.
            “Run!” Flitican yelled. The Visicites had not stopped advancing; looking like a flood of purple and black ink that was coming towards him, Lord Vallan’s army.
The companions ran. It was terrifying. They had terrible monsters behind them and far ahead of them was a safe place. “We… have to… run... to The Eltician city… We can take… refuge there,” Flitican said panting. The desolate landscape flew by as they ran. The heroes ran into the dark of the Thevian Mountains and out into the sweltering heat of The Valley of War. After many hours of running they entered the mountains on the east side of the valley. 
The Visicites were without rest and continued on after the heroes at a fast pace. They never got tired, and gradually began to gain on the heroes.
All of the Five Heroes heads throbbed with pain from lack of water. Sweat flew off them like a fountain. Their throats were dry and parched. The heroes’ legs were numb with soreness. By the time they left the Thevian Mountains into Eltica they felt that they would give up.
After a terrible night and day of running they reached The Eltician City where Sarnam stayed. Cornelious saw two men on the battlements looking down at him and managed, before he passed, out to shout, “Visicite… army… be prepared.”
            “What are you talking about?” One of the guards on the battlements shouted down. Then he saw. The Eltician gasped at the sight of the monstrous army. “Cortpla!” The guard shouted to another guard, “Tell the General that there is an army here of Visicites standing at our gate.”
Some Eltician soldiers wearing gloves, dragged the Five Heroes into the city, and shut the gates. A battle was going to happen soon.
The 5 companions found themselves lying down on an enormous mattress on the ground in a cabin. They looked up at the ceiling to see a thatched roof. Asher, feeling shaky, sat up and stared ahead. The cabin they were in was very dark and nothing could be seen.
            “Where am I?” he asked. Asher quickly layed back down again because of the soreness that he felt when he sat up.
            A sad voice answered him. Asher thought he knew that voice. “You are in my home,” the voice said. A turqouis glow lit up the room.
            “Who are you?” Asher asked. He sat up again and ignored the pain. He took out the Anviser. If it was a Visicite he was speaking to he needed to be prepared.
            The voice sighed, “It apparently has been long enough for you not to remember me.” A figure came out of the darkness. It was an Eltician. Asher recognized him at once.
            Terenious sat up as well. “What happened?” She groaned. “I am so sore.” She touched her head and learned that the wound had been carefully cleaned and dressed.
            “We are in Sarnam’s cabin,” Asher replied.
            “Yes,” Sarnam said gloomily. He now sounded like Candilite. “I hope you haven’t forgotten me too.”
            Just then Sarnam began to gradually become brighter. The turquoise light flooded the cabin even more. The other heroes then woke up. They all felt incredibly sore and their legs were throbbing as they stood up. The heroes saw that Sarnam was not the only Eltician in the room. Candilite and Dorldan could be seen. They were dressed in Eltician armor and had taken the swords off the pegs in the wall.
            “Good morning,” Dorldan said taking bread out of a cabinet and handing it to them. “There is no time for chat. I must go fight.”
            “Fight?” Cornelious asked. “Fight who?”
            “The army of the Visicites, of course,” Candilite said in a scolding tone. “You led the monsters right to us!”
            “Oh no,” Flitican said. “This is terrible. What do we do?”
            “You five can fight when you are ready,” Dorldan replied. “Candilite is going to take Sarnam to the Eltician fort where he will be safe. All of the women and children are going there.” Dorldan then left. As the door opened a loud noise could be heard; the clashing of swords.
            “I am ready to go,” Cornelious said after he finished his share of the bread. “I am still sore but I can’t just sit here while innocent Elticians die because of us.” Cornelious took Tewarben out of its sheath. He would visit Dancitine again if he came out of the conflict alive.
            “I will go too,” Asher said. He knew it was time for the Visicites to see Anviser again.
            “Me as well,” Elderain said, taking out his ivory bow.
Flitican and Terenious took out their weapons as well. They pondered what would happen if Lord Vallan had Eltica in his grasp. The entil would aid his plan to conquer Gabonland. All of the Six Heroes except Sarnam ran out of the door into the chaos.
            “It is time for us to go too,” Candilite said. “But not to battle. We will go out the back way and head towards the east gate.”
Sarnam said nothing and followed Candilite with his stick, out of the cabin. He felt helpless. His life and everything else was in the hands of the complainer, Candilite. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was no longer considered a hero.
Outside Sarnam’s cabin it was bright. Cornelious was nearly blinded because of the change. It was about noon at the time. When his eyes had adjusted he saw a terrible thing. A huge Visicite was charging towards him. Cornelious lifted up his sword Tewarben to block a blow from the monster. The force of it sent him falling to the ground. The two headed creature stood above him with its sword raised ready to kill Cornelious. Cornelious rolled out of the way as the blade came down. When he was still on the ground he slashed at the Visicite’s foot. It fell to the ground. Cornelious got up and killed the monster.
That was close, Cornelious thought. His heart was beating extremely fast. He got away from the Visicite’s body feeling somewhat bad he had killed it. Almost immediately he found himself facing another Visicite. He killed that one and then was charged at by another. He felt that it was only a matter of time before he was killed. Enemy after enemy tried to disarm him and kill him.
He wished he was back in Sodiers, Canlomba, eating a B.L.T.O and reading a book. Cornelious felt feverish over the next few minutes. The battle was like a dream. A kind of dream you only have when you are very sick. He felt hot as fire and cold as ice all at the same time.
            The battle had gone little better for the others. Flitican had been disarmed and was having trouble finding his axe. Terenious had been hit in the stomach with a monster’s fist. She had the wind knocked out of her and was having trouble breathing. Elderain had spilled his quiver and was out of arrows. He dodged Visicite weapons as he tried to get more. Asher had been nearly crushed when the body of a huge Visicite fell onto him. Many Visicites either attacked him in a rage or ran away in fear when they saw The Anviser.
            After an unknown amount of time, Cornelious heard a loud voice shouting things like, “Retreat! Retreat!” and “Fly to the Eltician fort!” and “The city has been overrun!” Cornelious, when he heard the shout, ran as fast as he could in the direction the crowd of Elticians was going. Flitican barely managed to find his axe before the line of Visicites advanced over it. They had been focusing on surviving the fight, but now all of their thoughts were on running east. They all hated the word run by now.
            During the retreat the heroes all met again and were relieved to see that everyone was still alive. Asher searched and saw that Dorldan was missing in the retreating crowd. He stopped and looked back. He could see the Eltician Dorldan was disarmed and on his knees before him was the largest Visicite Asher had seen yet.
He was Visicion, The General of Lord Vallan’s armies. The great monster lifted his sword above the Eltician’s head. Visicites surrounded Dorldan and blocked Asher’s view. Dorldan is dead, he thought. Asher could not bear to look and continued to run with the army of Elticians. This is what it feels like, Asher thought. This is what it feels like to have somebody you know die. He felt enormous grief weighing on him. Don’t cry, Asher thought desperately, Crying during battle for the fallen is not something an Allitican soldier should do. Crying is weakness. But he could not help it. His first tear dripped off his face.
It was late. Lord Vallan’s army had reached the island traveling in dark wooden boats. After the retreat the Elticians had gone to The Eltician Fort on an island in the middle of The Eltician Lake. The survivors of the battle in the Eltician city were all there. One in five had fallen in the battle and an estimated 15,000 Visicites waited outside the fort. There was no possiblility of stopping an army of that size with 3,000 Elticians.
            Archers were ready at the battlements. Elderain was among them. Waiting behind the gate was the other heroes and all of the Eltician army. It was a terrible thing just waiting for the monsters to arrive. Their forces could not match such an army. A loud, THUNK, made them all jump. A Visicite battering ram had hit the entil gates of the fort.
Elderain and the other archers were shooting the Visicites trying to break down the gate but were not succeeding because the monsters holding the battering ram were in complete armor.
TWANG! went the arrows as they were shot from the bow.
TINK! went the arrows as they hit the armor and fell to the ground.
THUNK! The army of the Elticians had taken out their weapons. The heroes saw that the strong entil gate had a crack.
Visicites poured through an opening in the gate into the fort. A few of the two headed monsters fell to the archer’s arrows. The lines met. Cornelious felt feverish once again. Flitican was moving as fast as lightning in and out of the enemy lines. Elderain stood on the battlements and felt terrible as he watched the battle that would determine Eltica’s future. Asher was holding on, trying to survive, as he fought three Visicites at once. The Visicites were terrified of him, seeing that he carried The Anviser.
            Meanwhile, Sarnam sat in a room alone in the fort blindly listening to the battle. He felt that his home would be taken. Hope had left him. Just then he heard a booming sound. The army had not been able to keep the Visicites out of the castle.
            “Open up!” A Visicite said banging his fist on the door making the booming sound. Sarnam was helpless. The Visicite’s voice filled him with fear. Sarnam knew that if the Visicites managed to get into the room they would kill him.

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